Well Hello

Hello there! It’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy. I know we all say that we’ve been quite busy, but I think I can justify, maybe? Working full time (40+ hours) managing a program at a very well-known higher ed institution, finishing up my master’s degree in literature, writing a 70+ page master’s thesis on Moby-Dick and Calvinism. Oh, and I moved! Oh, and I run a book club now. Oh, and I’m helping to run a literary magazine! And I’ve been working on my novel. It’s been a little bit of an intense season, you could say. But I’m done with classes! I’ve moved! I’m finishing up my thesis! Things are calming down, so that means diving back into writing projects.

In the meantime, while I’m getting my bearings back to post more, please check out my friend Laura’s blog. She’s working on a novel for her thesis, which means a novel with a hard deadline only nine months away. The first week involved word count spreadsheets and killing spiders, so… #NineMonthsToNovel #SunsetSultan

Also, please check out my new literary magazine, Pocket Change, and submit yer stuff!!

See you soon!



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