Writing a Novel

cropped-typewriter2.jpgSo, I’m writing a novel. I’ve been working on it for the past year, and as I’ve been talking about it to friends, they’ve asked me about what it’s like to write a novel – some are readers who are curious about the process on how a novel gets created, some are fellow creatives who have different approaches towards writing and creation. I’ve been writing for a while and it seems to me a pretty unromantic process, yet there’s so much passion and research and creation involved in it that people either don’t know about, or know about and are interested in learning more. So I figured I would write about that process here: What it’s like to write a novel, what it’s like to time manage writing a novel (I’m doing it while working full time and doing a master’s degree), what my research has been like (Baltimore, WWII Liberty Ship tour), what making narrative choices is like (POV, etc.), what it’s like to completely change an ending and why (yes I did), and more. Hopefully some of these posts will be interesting to those who are curious what the process is like, and helpful to those who are going through the process as well. And I definitely welcome questions – if there’s something you would like to know, drop a question in the comments.

More to come soon.


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