My Side Project: Boston Book Blog

profileWhen I was moving to Boston back in 2012 to seek my literary fortune (still waiting), I went online to find out what literary happenings were going on in the city. I found nothing. Well, I found no one website covering all the literary happenings in Boston. I was aware of some of the hubs of activity – Grub Street, Emerson, Harvard Book Store, Boston Book Festival – but I wanted to find out who the local authors were, what they were writing about, where the local bookstores were, what the literary magazines coming out of Boston were, etc.

So, since I couldn’t find a website like that, I started it. It’s called the Boston Book Blog. I put it on hiatus for the year I wasn’t writing, but it’s back up and going strong! I have some really big dreams and visions for what it could be. The local literary community has been pretty responsive, so I’m pretty stoked about that. (Also, follow us on Twitter! I’m all over Twitter.)


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