What I’m Reading: Great Article from The Chronicle of Higher Education

Unfortunately it’s behind the subscriber firewall, but “Why Go to Grad School?” seeks to debunk a number of misconceptions about humanities studies, such as, “There was never a worse time for humanities studies” (like we’ve never heard that one before ::eyeroll::), and “There are no academic jobs.” I appreciated the way the author didn’t just say, “No there isn’t, yes there is…” but insisted that we broaden the view of humanities graduate career value past academia. One of the value adds of a graduate humanities degree is that:

You know a lot about a little, and you know better than most people how to look things up—particularly at a time when there is so much cheap, unreliable, useless information out there. If you can convince people that you are better at generating and handling information than they are, you will be valuable. Write and analyze better than the average college graduate, and you will see why a number of employers value that skill, too.

This is all personal to me because I’m a creative writing major who works in higher ed administration, at a business school as…a writer. If you keep your options open, train for solid transferable skills, and be realistic about what’s out there and market yourself accordingly, you will be fine.

Check the article out if you can!


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