What I Did Yesterday – The Search for Stars Hollow

For those who don’t know me, I’m a super big Gilmore Girls fan. (You have no idea.) On our day off yesterday, my friend, who’s another super big Gilmore Girl fan, and I decided to go to Connecticut to find one of the towns Stars Hollow was based on. We ended up in Guilford, CT, and were not disappointed . We essentially overlaid the show onto the town, and created an alternate universe that afternoon. Sorry, Guilford, but you were commandeered!

greenHere’s the Town Green, quite literally the center of the town. There’s no gazebo, but that’s Ok. We obviously missed the Founder’s Day Firelight Festival, and thank God all the eggs were found.


churchAnother shot from the Town Green looking towards Church Street, where many of the historic homes are. I’m sure the Dragon Fly Inn is up in that area somewhere. (A little ways away is a Wal-Mart, the one Jess obviously worked at.)


mainstreetMain Street, where either on or just off of it we found Doose’s Market (literally the smallest vintage grocery store I’ve ever seen), Miss Patty’s dance studio, a hardware store that has the potential to turn into a diner, Stars Hollow Books, the town hall, the post office, the bank, and other various places of small town life.


We walked slightly down the street (where we passed the old Twickham house) to the river…where Luke pushed Jess into the water. Over the bridge was Woodbridge, but we didn’t want to go there. (Why would we?)


starshollowObviously, if you’re a Gilmore fan, you’ll get this post.


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