You Need Creativity

One thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that if you’re a creative person, you need creativity in your life to thrive. If you are a writer, or an artist, or a musician, or anyone that finds themselves losing track of time and awareness when working on a creative project, you need to keep doing that, not because it’s what you do but because it’s what keeps you intact. There’s a bigger story to this that I may write about soon, but I’m someone who took a year off from creativity. Just in the past month I have been taking a class on creativity, and reading about the creative process, specifically for writers. I also attended Story, a conference in Chicago for “Creators, Dreamers, and Storytellers.” All these elements have worked together to show me that when you’re a creative you can’t just turn it off and walk away. It really is like breathing, and the act of creating affects psyche and soul. It’s not just about making a good story, but about the artist thriving in the act of creation.


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