What I’ve Been Up To Lately

motion-blur-1386956-mMan, it has been a busy season. Summer was busy: My job escalates in July and especially August (incoming students), I was out of town twice in July for my best friend’s wedding in California, I was taking a class during July too (note to self: Never take a summer course when you’re traveling twice to California), I bought a car in August, I went away at the end of August, I started two classes in September (only thought it would be one!), I was away for a week in September, I’m now living alone in my big apartment, I had a huge book to read as part of class, I’m going away at the beginning of October, I have new projects at work…

Totally overwhelming. Not to mention all the personal thoughts, emotions, and relationship things, and it’s been a pretty full few months. I feel like I’m just starting to settle down a bit now, settle into a routine, get my footing, and get back to some of the things I let slide. Here are my major buckets:

Work: Prematric is done (woot!) and the students are here! That usually means a slow down in work, but nope. The next round will be here before I know it, and there’s much to do. Plus I’m helping out with some other projects around the department – some event planning, some website content redesign, etc.

School: Who would have thought a master’s degree at Harvard would be so much work! (Oh, right.) I’m taking a class for my degree requirements (Financial Accounting Principles) and one for fun and to keep my loans deferred (Creativity: Geniuses, Madmen, and Harvard Students). Accounting is going to take much concentration and studying, but I’m grateful I spent time wrestling through my own introductory accounting materials that we present to the students before matriculation. Creativity is a cool class. The majority of our work will be based around a creative luminary, and I chose Herman Melville.

Reality: I’m taking this season off from serving in any capacity, and I’m interested to see what the Lord does in my life in that time. It’s definitely needed, you have no idea. Neighborhood Groups are starting back up again, two friends and I are starting a small “Life Transformation Group,” and after traveling for a while coming back to church was like, “Ah! I know these people!”

Health and Wellness: Well, I finally went back to the gym for the first time in like five months! I am definitely out of shape (I ran a 5k back in April!?) but it’s been good to get moving. I need to lose some (lots) weight, and I need to take my stress levels down. I had forgotten how much working out and running was a part of my life. Everything has changed so much that I’ve forgotten what can remain the same.

That’s all for now. More soon: The development of my term paper on creativity in business, in particular storytelling and infographics. Things I’m learning in my time off from ministry. Also, I’ll be sure to update you from the awesome conference I’m going to next week!


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