Solving Design and Communication Problems

One of the questions I’m looking at right now for the website I run for work is this: How do you take a website that has eighty thousand million pieces of information on it – all relevant – and make that website easy to navigate, with the information easy to find, and with everything just a couple intuitive clicks away?

Yeah I don’t know either.

Here’s a few things I’m going to look at:

Text: Maybe edit the text way down to tell only the necessary information? Would that come across too clumsy or obviously edited? And we need all the text anyhow.

Menus: Would it be worth it to highly menu-ize the whole thing? Break it down into menu by menu by menu?

Better homescreens: I love JetBlue’s website’s stripped-down, icon-heavy design (especially this page). It provides a good landing page to then dig deeper into more info.

More white space: To keep with JetBlue, they have a BUNCH of info on some of their pages, but it’s spread out and accessible. It’s not overwhelming.

I’m going to do some research on this and I’ll let you know what I find!


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