Pivot: Why I Just Changed My Blog Name

The danger with Christian writers/artists/musicians/____ is that we get pigeonholed. Conversely, my life is not cloistered. I woke up this morning wanting to write a blog post about communication in business because that’s what I do and that’s why my interest is in, but I couldn’t, because I felt I needed to turn it into something specific because the blog is called “Christ in the City.” The same thing’s happened with some of my other posts about running, and Boston. I felt like I needed to put a spin on those topics because my blog was called “Christ in the City.” Christ is the background to anything and everything I do. But I also run, and I also want to talk about communication and business and higher ed and disruption, and I also want to talk about my church, and I also want to talk about my city, and I also want to talk about theology, and I also want to talk about nutrition, and I also want to talk about the classes I’m taking. Unfortunately when a secular reader hits “Christ” they’re not going to read any further, and I want them to. I want anyone who reads this blog to see that a full, vibrant life in the city lived for Jesus can be lived. I also want to be able to talk about that life fully with the Lord as foundation, not as punchline.

The new name, Fearless Humility, came out of a lunchtime discussion I led with my colleagues on the the role of creativity in the workplace. One colleague described the process of creativity as being the combination of fearlessness and humility: fearlessness in actually pursuing the idea to completion, and humility in going through revision after revision to get there. There’s something to that, in the creative process, in career, with relationships, living corem Deo. The Bible gives us narrative after narrative of friends of God who were fearless and humble. It’s possible to take the risk and the chance on things that matter, doing it in the safety and comfort of knowing your place within the story of the Author.

This blog isn’t about me trying to come up with my best theology articles. This blog is about how the Lord is using one life in Boston to bring glory to Himself.


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