Isaiah Update from 4.28.2014

We had a pretty great Bible study this past Monday, complete with baby name talk (don’t name your kid Jezebel or Job), speculation on if the disciple John is still alive, and shenanigans with a doorbell. But in all seriousness, we encountered the Lord again, as we always tend to do when we come together to study the Scriptures, and He was generous to us. Here’s what we saw:

Isaiah 26

– One of the major themes in this passage is that the Lord is doing it all: “He sets up the city, He keeps His people in peace, He brings the prideful low, He brings salvation, He brings justice, He is able to raise the dead,” and on and on. Look towards the end: Isaiah describes how the people were attempting to bring about their own salvation, saying that “we were pregnant, we writhed, but we have given birth to wind. We have accomplished no deliverance in the earth.” And then the Lord appears and raises the dead – glorious!

– Isaiah uses some Song of Solomon language in verse 9: “My soul yearns for You in the night; my spirit within me earnestly seeks You.” We turned the question on ourselves. Do we long for the Lord in the night? The night is usually associated with the darkness of our sinful souls. Are we so lost in love with Jesus that even in the dark night we yearn for Him?

– There’s a lot of juxtaposition between longing and judgements, or justice, in verses 7-9. Do we delight in the law of the Lord? Do we get excited over His discipline, which brings about righteousness? We looked at Psalm 19 as a companion to verses 7-9, where the psalmist delights in the law and statues of the Lord. Verse 8 reads different in different translations, but the most visual of all translations is the one that reads, “In the path of Your judgments, O Lord, we wait for You.” Like, delighting, we’re watching and waiting for His approaching storm to consume us with righteousness.

– We looked at the parable of the virgins in Matthew as well, and circled back to the theme of being a watchman that we had discussed when looking at Isaiah 21. It ties in with waiting for the Lord’s judgements; we need to be alert and aware, waiting and watching for Jesus’ return.


– We continued on with the Seven Churches and looked at Pergamum. We went over the story of Balaam and Balak (Numbers 22, talking donkey, awesome), hidden manna (Bread of Life, Jesus is the answer to all the questions, some manna in a jar in the Ark, which is where…?), the white stones (related to the sanitarium located in Pergamum), and the sharp two-edged sword (the Word, Hebrews 4:12).

– We also looked at Thyatira, the city plagued with the evil deeds of a woman similar in spirit to the evil Jezebel, luring away the inhabitants into sexual sin. Repent repent repent repent repent. We talked about the deep things of Satan (whoa, sorry, talked about the “deep things of Satan” and what that quote means!), and was it occult, was it dark arts, was it some kind of Satanic teaching or was it, simply, unrepentant sins that are the deep things of Satan? (Repentrepentrepentrepentrepent!!) And we ended the night talking about the bright morning star: JESUS.

Please leave comments! What are you finding as you’re studying?

PS. You guys, I FOUND THE STORIES. (I wrote a collection of seven short fiction stories based on each church in Revelation.) I’ll release them soon…


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