Isaiah Update 4.21.2014

So here’s the first Isaiah Update (IU?) from Monday’s Ladies Bible Study. (In case you missed it, I’m going to start giving some notes from our Bible study meetings on Monday nights for those who were there and for those who couldn’t make it.) Here’s some nuggets:

Isaiah 25

– The tone changes. We just came off of a few chapters of lament, and before that a few chapters of straight judgement. Isaiah here changes to doxology, slipping in those judgement passages amidst the worship of the Lord’s greatness – which excellently communicates the justice that will occur on the Lord’s return!

– Verse 6 is reminiscent of Psalm 23 (preparing a table for us), and is foreshadowing the marriage supper of the Lamb at the culmination of time in Revelation.

– What mountain? Mount Zion. Is that a real place? Yes. (“The answer is either Mount Zion or Jesus!”)

– Where have we seen the language of verse 8 before? Ah, again, Revelation, at the culmination of time.

– The later part of this passage has some real Messianic imagery, and the prophecy applies probably both to the culmination of time AND to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus (lifting the veil, swallowing up death, wiping away tears, being the “one we have waited for,” all that).

– How sweet is verse 9?? Come on.


We’re also doing a mini-study on the book of Revelation, since Isaiah preshadows the imagery and prophecy that occurs there (case in point: I already mentioned Revelation twice in the Isaiah portion). We’re speeding through it quick! Here’s some nuggets:

– It’s not plural! Revelation, not RevelationS. One revelation, of Jesus Christ, to John. You have permission to correct anyone that gets it wrong.

– A revelation means an unveiling or a revealing, that “A-ha!” moment that comes when the Lord through His Spirit makes something clear to your heart and mind.

– Four ways of looking at Revelation (look at it any one way only and you get in trouble): Symbolic, literal, historical, future.

– Who, what, where, when, why?: John the disciple, writing what Jesus is showing him, in exile on Patmos during persecution, late first century, because Jesus said, ‘k?

– Chapter 1: Jesus shows up with fire eyes and tells John to take dictation. Yes sir!

– Chapter 2: The Seven Churches. Jesus in each letter presents Himself in a certain way, gives what they’re doing right, what they’re doing wrong, how they should fix it, and what He’ll give to those who overcome.

That’s all we got to! More next week, friends.



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