Wait. We’re Doing Isaiah???

Here’s the short version: After being in an amazing ladies Bible study for years back home (you will read much and often about said Bible study, guaranteed), I knew that I would someday lead my own Bible study – I just didn’t know when.

And then it happened. After a year of being in Boston, God gave the nod. I started small, and with the help of friends, we did little books like Colossians (never do Colossians in four weeks) and James (and never do James in three weeks!). I knew I wanted to do a much longer study with the ladies, so I started praying about it. Romans or John? Romans or John or Romans or John or Romans or John…

And then, of course, the Lord wanted me to do Isaiah.


Wait, have you read Isaiah? Dead, maimed corpses of sinners in the path of God’s wrath is just the appetizer. It’s not even the appetizer, it’s the dinner roll that comes out when they pour your water. The whole things is a bloody, wine-soaked meal (Isaiah 63 pun intended) and a theologically challenging mess.

Here’s God’s response: Jessica, you can do Romans or John in your own intellectual strength. But for Isaiah, you need to actually lean on Me to figure it out.

So…we’re doing Isaiah!

And so far, it’s been rich and amazing, challenging and thought-provoking. Our discussions have gone deep, and the things we’ve seen about God’s sovereignty have gone very high. We’re wrestling through what God’s love is, what His judgement is, how He remakes and cleanses us, how He worked in history, what His narrative for the ages is, who the Messiah is, how Jesus’s heart reflects the passion Isaiah wrote with, etc.

What I’m going to do is this: I’m going to (attempt to) start posting summaries of our Monday evening Bible studies on here, as a recap for those who came and as a study tool for those who can’t make it. We’re in Isaiah 23 this week and starting a mini-study on the Book of Revelation (lovelove), so we’ll start there. (I’ll go back and fill in if/when I have the grace to do it!) Hope you get as much out of it as we are.

PS. All that death, destruction, bloody wrath stuff? …eh, you’ll get used to it.


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