When Your Friend is Always Right

I was talking to my friend Jen the other day (the friend who gets in your face and says tough things, but is always RIGHT) and we were discussing the apparently very specific topic of how to communicate the message of our lives to the world. I had mentioned that I definitely do not have the personality to go out to a street corner and proclaim. I’m a writer, so blogging would be the natural thing, and I had played around with doing more objective theology posts. But then Jen said, “You are a 30-something single female who loves Jesus, loves theology, works at Harvard, is doing a master’s in management, and lives in Boston. You have a TON to share.” So, Ok, if Jen is always right, then Jen must be right!

So I may not have a lot to say about being a single 30-something (whatev, pass the Ben & Jerry’s), but I do have a lot to say about living as a Christian in Boston, and about being a chick who loves theology, and about what it’s like to help plant a church and grow a community in tough New England soil, and what it’s like to work at the best higher ed institution in the world, and about what it’s like to walk with God through awesome highs and terrible lows. And I know a bit about telling stories. So maybe why not give it a shot?


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